April 1, 2019 Product Announcement Developers Urban Malc
KumuluzEE Java EE Microservices

Announcing KumuluzEE 3.3.0

We are releasing KumuluzEE version 3.3.0.

This release adds a new feature that enables you to intercept and apply transformation to a value that is being read from the configuration. The feature is called Configuration Decoder and to use it simply implement the ConfigurationDecoder interface and register it using a service file. For example:

public class CustomConfigurationDecoder implements ConfigurationDecoder {

    public boolean shouldDecode(String key) {
        return "rest-config.encoded-property".equals(key);

    public String decode(String key, String value) {
        return new String(DatatypeConverter.parseBase64Binary(value));

Remember to register the implementation in a service file named com.kumuluz.ee.configuration.ConfigurationDecoder.

Dependency versions have also been updated in this release. The main change is an upgrade of the jackson dependency to 2.9.8. We also changed the way jackson dependency is imported so the version is synchronized across all KumuluzEE dependencies.


  • Added ConfigurationDecoder.


  • Updated dependency versions.

More details about this release can be found on GitHub.

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