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Kumuluz is celebrating 5 years! What we’ve done and the roadmap ahead

Five years have already passed since we began developing the Kumuluz digital platform, although the initial ideas and development of various pieces started even earlier. Five years ago we finalized our vision to provide a unique set of open, lightweight, API and microservice based building blocks within the Kumuluz digital platform. The main objective of Kumuluz is to help companies make their digital transformation faster, more efficient, less costly, and – most importantly – to shorten time-to-market for their digital products and services.

How it started

It all started in February 2014 when the first version of the initial Kumuluz framework was envisioned and realized after intensive research devoted to microservices, APIs, containers, DevOps and Agile development and focused especially on real time commercial use cases. Our work was soon recognized, at both national and international levels, as our platform became the finalist of national Start:up of the year competition and received EuroCloud award for the most innovative cloud service. Next, we started developing a module for API management – one of the core elements of Kumuluz. Our efforts also became acknowledged worldwide since Kumuluz received one of the most prestigious awards: Duke’s Choice Award for innovation. Also, Kumuluz is a part of the Eclipse Microprofile initiative along with IBM, RedHat, Oracle, Microsoft, Payara, Tomitribe and others.

Business APIs

Since then the development of Kumuluz platform has been very intensive. Today, there are four main parts of the platform: Business APIs, Kumuluz digital platform, microservice framework and decentralized APIs. First, the Business APIs. Business APIs are pre-build APIs (implemented as microservices) that offer common functionalities required by almost every digital product or service and are specifically targeted to large and medium companies, which are digitally transforming. Business APIs are fully functionally, production grade building blocks, proven in several large digital projects. Business APIs are technology independent and can be deployed on any platform, on-premise (such as Docker, Kubernetes, Redhat OpenShift, IBM Cloud Private, etc.) or in the public cloud (Amazon AWS, Azure, Google, IBM, Oracle, etc.). You can learn more about Business APIs in this video and on our web page.

Digital Platform

Then, there is the Kumuluz digital platform, which offers lightweight platform building blocks, including API management, integration, agile UX tools for rapid front-end development, Marketplace solutions and innovative Crowdsensing solutions. You can learn more about Kumuluz Digital in this video and or our web page.

Microservice Framework

The microservice framework KumuluzEE is our world famous open source microservice framework, which provides an innovative way how to develop microservice based Java and Jakarta EE based applications. KumuluzEE is MicroProfile compliant (currently 2.1 and we will continue to support new versions of MicroProfile specification). However, it offers much more – several projects that go far beyond MicroProfile, including Service Discovery, Event Streaming, Reactive, gRPC, GraphQL and Ethereum (among others). You can learn more about KumuluzEE or check a DZone article.

Decentralized APIs

Finally, our innovation and incubation projects include a world-innovative Decentralized APIs. Decentralized APIs use the blockchain technology to allow truly decentralized execution of business logic, APIs and microservices (don’t confuse decentralized execution with distributed execution, because this is not the same). Find more information at

We are fully devoted to the development of Kumuluz and in this year we will focus our efforts on further development of Business APIs, new features and enhancements for Kumuluz Digital platform and microservice framework. And, we will continue with innovation.

Our Partners

What we are most proud of, is the fact that Kumuluz platform has been in production use by several companies – our partners that have had early trust in our project and have shown how good and efficient the Kumuluz platform is for real-world production grade projects, for which we express sincere gratitude, because we know that the best way to measure our success is to measure it by the success of our partners who use our platform. To see who has trusted us, visit

Thanks for reading and continue to follow our

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