April 12, 2019 Product Announcement Developers Urban Malc
KumuluzEE Java EE Microservices

KumuluzEE 3.4.0 released!

We are happy to announce the release of KumuluzEE version 3.4.0.

This release brings a new utility class JsonConfigurationUtil, a companion to the familiar ConfigurationUtil. It enables retrieval of a part of the configuration hierarcy as a JSON-P object. For more information and a few examples check out the PR. To start using this feature simply add the JSON-P dependency (kumuluzee-json-p-jsonp) and start using the utility class.

We have also added a toggle that adds test classes to the classpath. This is useful when running tests manually (without Arquillian). To enable this feature set the kumuluzee.dev.running-tests configuration property to true when running tests.

This release also brings some much needed fixes for the JPA-JTA integration. JTA is now behaving properly when using XA datasources. We have also added the missing getMapKeys method for the environment variables configuration source.


  • Added JsonConfigurationUtil.
  • Added toggle that adds test classes to the classpath.


  • Added getMapKeys in environment variables configuration source.


  • Fixed JPA-JTA integration.

More details about this release can be found on GitHub.

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