October 12, 2018 Product Developers Urban Malc
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KumuluzEE Testing 1.1.0 released

We’re announcing the release of the KumuluzEE Testing 1.1.0. The KumuluzEE Arquillian Container Adapter has been updated and delivers improved dependency handling, better exception reporting, support for Uber JAR package deployment and more.

The includeRequiredLibraries parameter now supports another option - fromPom, which reads the application pom and includes all runtime and test dependencies declared in the effective pom. This covers an important use case of KumuluzEE Arquillian Adapter - integration testing application as a whole. Whereas before you had to specify each dependency one by one in the MavenDependencyAppender service class or include them manually in each of the deployments, the KumuluzEE Arquillian Adapter can now try to do that for you.

Another important feature in this release is proper exception reporting during deployment. Arquillian supports testing incorrectly configured deployments by annotating the @Deployment method with @ShouldThrowException annotation. Before this release only CDI exceptions were properly detected. With this release any exception thrown during deployment is detected, serialized and reported by the Arquillian executor.

This release also supports packaging of test archives in Uber JAR. Uber JAR has the same structure as the one created by kumuluzee-maven-plugin. If you are deploying your production application in the form of a single JAR, we definitely recommend switching from exploded test archive deployment to the Uber JAR one. All you need to do is set the packaging property in arquillian.xml to uberJar.

Another quality of life improvement is auto detection of KumuluzEE version from project’s dependencies instead of statically defined version. The auto-discovered version can still be overridden with the kumuluzVersion parameter if tests need to be run on different version of KumuluzEE than the one defined in project’s dependencies.


  • Added support for including dependencies from effective pom.
  • Added proper exception reporting.
  • Added support for Uber JAR test deployments.


  • Automatic detection of KumuluzEE version from project’s dependencies.

More details about this release can be found on GitHub.

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