June 13, 2018 Product Developers Miha Jamšek
KumuluzEE Nodejs KumuluzEE Nodejs Config KumuluzEE Nodejs Discovery

KumuluzEE is now on Node!

We are announcing the release of libraries for Node.js platform @kumuluz/kumuluzee-config@1.0.0-snapshot and @kumuluz/kumuluzee-discovery@1.0.0-snapshot.

Configuration library provides support for reading local and remote configuration stored in KumuluzEE format, while discovery library provides support for registering and discovering services.

More details at KumuluzEE Nodejs Config and KumuluzEE Nodejs Discovery.

Npm packages can be found at @kumuluz/kumuluzee-config and @kumuluz/kumuluzee-discovery

Samples are available at KumuluzEE Nodejs samples.

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