May 25, 2018 Product Developers Gregor Poročnik
KumuluzEE Java EE JAX-WS Microservices

KumuluzEE adds the Apache CXF JAX-WS implementation

We are happy to announce the support for widely used CXF implementation of Java API for XML Web Services (JAX-WS). The release 3.0.0 of KumuluzEE microservice framework will bring the support for SOAP web services with context dependency injection (CDI).

The JAX-WS CDI component uses the convention over configuration software design paradigm, therefore no need for any custom configuration files. It is required for the web service java implementation classes to contain a @Webservice annotation to register web service endpoints automatically.

The component supports stateless soap endpoint development with top-down (WSDL first) or bottom-up (Java code first) approach. Best practices are shown in KumuluzEE sample.

More details at KumuluzEE JAX-WS CXF sample.

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