October 12, 2018 Product Announcement Developers Domen Kajdič
KumuluzEE Java EE Microservices GraphQL

KumuluzEE GraphQL officially released!

After a few months of development and testing, KumuluzEE GraphQL is now officially released. You can now use GraphQL in your microservices. Extension is designed to be as user-friendly as possible; you can create your first GraphQL endpoint with as little as two annotations in the code!


  • GraphQL endpoint setup using the KumuluzEE servlet,
  • GraphiQL integration,
  • Code-first style of developing (schema is automatically created from annotated GraphQL resolver functions; using the GraphQL SPQR)
  • Built-in utilities for pagination, sorting and filtering,
  • Integration with KumuluzEE REST for optimized JPA queries,
  • Integration with KumuluzEE Security for securing your endpoint,
  • Wide JDK support (from Java 8-11).

Get started with the extension by checking out samples at GitHub. Source code and documentation can be found here.

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