July 17, 2019 Product Developers Urban Malc
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KumuluzEE Rest Client 1.3.3 released

We are happy to present a new release of KumuluzEE Rest Client. This version implements the MicroProfile Rest Client 1.3.3 specification. It includes support for advanced SSL configuration, enables simpler configuration with configuration keys and other enhancements.

The RestClientBuilder now supports methods for configuring SSL (sslContext, trustStore, keyStore and hostnameVerifier). SSL can also be configured through configuration which is especially useful when constructing rest clients using CDI.

The @RegisterRestClient now supports additional argument configKey which can replace fully qualified class name in the configuration. It also enables sharing of the configuration across multiple rest client interfaces. For example you could use the following definition:

public interface TestClient {
  Response test();

And then configure it like this (config.yml):

      - class: test-client
        url: https://my-test-service
        read-timeout: 5000

All constructed rest client now implement Closeable and AutoCloseable interfaces. This means that all rest clients can now be closed and will clean up their resources when done so.

Rest clients now add a default header Accept: application/json. If desired this can be overridden by adding a proper @Produces(...) annotation on an interface or on a method. Dependency versions have also been updated in this release.


  • Added configurable SSL support.
  • Added configKey support.


  • Implemented Closeable and AutoCloseable on the proxy.
  • Added default Accept: application/json header.
  • Upped dependency versions

More details about this release can be found on GitHub.

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