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Release of KumuluzEE Rest Client 1.2.1

We are pleased to announce the release of KumuluzEE Rest Client 1.2.1. This release brings support for better header generation and propagation of headers from incoming requests, read and connect timeouts and other enhancements. KumuluzEE Rest Client 1.2.1 implements the MicroProfile Rest Client 1.2 specification.

Headers can now be generated using the @ClientHeaderParam annotation. Headers can be statically defined or dynamically generated with a method reference. For example:

public interface MyClient {
  @ClientHeaderParam(name="X-Http-Method-Override", value="PUT")
  Response sentPUTviaPOST(MyEntity entity);

  @ClientHeaderParam(name="X-Request-ID", value="{generateRequestId}")
  Response postWithRequestId(MyEntity entity);

  default String generateRequestId() {
    return UUID.randomUUID().toString();

Headers can also be propagated from incoming requests. To propagate a header first enable the feature by annotating the API interface with @RegisterClientHeaders annotation. Then specify which headers should be propagated in the KumuluzEE Configuration framework. For example if you wish to forward the Authorization header use the following configuration in config.yml file:

    propagate-headers: Authorization

The @RegisterRestClient annotation now includes a parameter baseUri and allows you to specify the URI on which the API is present. This is an alternative to specifying the base URI in configuration.

Read and connect timeouts have been added. They can be specified in the configuration or by using the methods readTimeout() and connectTimeout() when constructing the client using RestClientBuilder.

Support for interceptors has also been updated in this version. To use an interceptor with the client simply annotate the desired method/interface with an interceptor binding. Note however that KumuluzEE Fault Tolerance interceptors are not fully supported yet. We will be issuing a patch that fixes that shortly at KumuluzEE Fault Tolerance project, so stay tuned.


  • Added read/connect timeout
  • Read URI from @RegisterRestClient annotation
  • added removeContext() to AsyncInterceptors
  • Added RestClientListener support
  • @ClientHeaderParam support
  • ClientHeadersFactory support
  • Propagate incoming headers


  • @Consumes and @Produces annotations add Accept and Content-Type headers.
  • Use dynamic proxy instead of DeltaSpike proxy when not using CDI
  • Enabled SSL hostname verification by default
  • Added EE Component dependency information


  • Properly forward JSON parsing exceptions
  • Proper integration with JSON-P

More details about this release can be found on GitHub.

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