January 24, 2019 Product Developers Urban Malc
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Release of KumuluzEE Rest Client 1.1.0

We are pleased to announce the release of KumuluzEE Rest Client 1.1.0. This release supports asynchronous requests and client builder interceptors. KumuluzEE Rest Client 1.1.0 implements the MicroProfile Rest Client 1.1 specification.

Asynchronous requests are now possible with the updated Rest Client. To make an request asynchronous, change the return type of the interface method to CompletionStage.

Example of an asynchronous request definition:

CompletionStage<Void> createCustomerAsynch(Customer customer);

The defined method can then be used to make asynchronous requests. For example:


Implementation of interceptors fired when a new client is being built is also now supported. This includes CDI clients that are built at the start of the application. To create an interceptor implement the RestClientBuilderListener interface and register the implementing class in a service file. For example:

public class BuilderListener implements RestClientBuilderListener {

    public void onNewBuilder(RestClientBuilder builder) {
        // ...

Sample showcasing asynchronous requests has been updated and is available at KumuluzEE Rest Client sample.

More details about this release can be found on GitHub.

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