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KumuluzEE MicroProfile Metrics 1.1.1 released

We’re happy to announce the release of KumuluzEE Metrics 1.1.1. This release implements the MicroProfile Metrics 1.1.1 specification, which brings a new reusable flag, integration with KumuluzEE MicroProfile Config and some general improvements to the programmatic API.

The reusable flags allows a metric with the same name to be used in different places. For example, to count invocations of two different methods with a single counter, you can now annotate both methods with the annotation @Counted(name = "countMe", absolute = true, reusable = true). If the reusable flag in this example was not set to true, the deployment would fire an IllegalArgumentException. This restriction is done to prevent hard to spot copy and paste errors.

KumuluzEE Metrics is now integrated with the KumuluzEE MicroProfile Config implementation. Currently only one configuration property is used. The MP_METRICS_TAGS configuration property defines the global tags that get added to each metric’s metadata.

The method MetricRegistry.register(String name, Metric, Metadata) has been deprecated in favour of the method MetricRegistry.register(Metadata, Metric), since metric’s name is already supplied with its metadata and the parameter name is not necessary.

Another major part of this release is the inclusion of MicroProfile TCK, which checks the implementation for compliance with the MicroProfile Metrics specification.


  • reusable flag added to the metric’s metadata


  • Integration with KumuluzEE MicroProfile Config
  • MetricRegistry.register(String name, Metric, Metadata) deprecated in favour of MetricRegistry.register(Metadata, Metric)
  • Added MicroProfile TCK tests

More details about this release can be found on GitHub.

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