November 9, 2017 Product Developers Jan Meznarič
KumuluzEE Java EE Microservices Cloud-native Eclipse MicroProfile

Eclipse MicroProfile 1.2 with KumuluzEE

KumuluzEE is fully compliant with the Eclipse MicroProfile 1.2 specification. It provides the implementations of the following MicroProfile APIs:

  • Config 1.1
  • Health Check 1.0
  • Metrics 1.0
  • Fault Tolerance 1.0
  • JWT Authentication 1.0

You can use our online pom generator to quicly generate pom files with selected profiles or individual Maven dependencies.

All the KumuluzEE components and extensions, which are mandatory for the compliance with the MicroProfile 1.2 specification, are grouped in a profile that can be included as a single Maven dependency:


A detailed sample project, demonstrating the implementation of a microservice with KumuluzEE MicroProfile 1.2, is available on GitHub.

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