June 29, 2019 Product Announcement Developers Urban Malc
KumuluzEE Java EE Microservices

Support for MicroProfile 2.2 and Java 12 is here!

We are happy to announce the release of KumuluzEE 3.5.0. This release includes a brand new profile for MicroProfile 2.2. MicroProfile 2.2 contains upgrades to existing extensions which are now better than ever. This release also fully supports Java 12.

MicroProfile 2.2 profile consists of following components:

  • KumuluzEE Core
  • KumuluzEE Servlet Jetty
  • KumuluzEE CDI Weld
  • KumuluzEE JAX-RS Jersey
  • KumuluzEE JSON-P
  • KumuluzEE JSON-B Yasson

And the following extensions:

Dependency versions have also been updated to their latest versions and the KumuluzEE framework is now fully compatible with the latest Java 12.


  • Added MicroProfile 2.2 profile.


  • Upped dependency versions

More details about this release can be found on GitHub.

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