March 1, 2019 Product Announcement Developers Blaž Mrak
KumuluzEE Java EE Microservices Projects

First version of the KumuluzEE AMQP project published

We are pleased to announce the first version of the KumuluzEE AMQP project. This version provides support for the RabbitMQ message broker.

KumuluzEE AMQP supports sending and receiving messages with a few simple annotations. Broker configuration can be defined with the configuration framework, which makes it fairly simple.

A few quick examples:

  • configuration:
        - name: MQtest
          url: localhost
            - name: testQueue
  • producing messages:
@AMQPProducer(host="MQtest", key="testQueue")
public String sendMessage(){
	return "I'm a message";
  • consuming messages:
@AMQPConsumer(host="MQtest", key="testQueue")
public void receiveMessage(String consumerMessage){

A sample is available on GitHub: KumuluzEE AMQP sample with RabbitMQ. More details about the project can be found on the project home page.

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