March 29, 2017 Product Tilen Faganel
KumuluzEE Java EE Microservices

KumuluzEE 2.2.0 released

We’re announcing the availability of KumuluzEE version 2.2.0. This is a relatively small release which includes a few key additions to the advanced logging framework introduced in the previous release. The reason for the minor version bump is that we added a few enhancements which are described below. If you’re using it and the KumuluzEE Logs project, you need to also update it to its latest corresponding version that supports the included enhancements.

We also removed the barrier for running the app inside a JAR to make way for the plugin that will correctly package an app in a single jar. The plugin will follow shortly.


  • Added additional logging methods to LogCommons method entry and exit that support usage of custom markers. Before this change the marker was automatically set to a predefined one.
  • Extended the build-in log messages to more easily construct them.
  • Removed the barrier for running inside JARs. WIth the other fixes this enables initial JAR support with outside dependencies.
  • Code cleanups.

More details about this release can be found on GitHub.

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